11 May 2015

Visualising Growth in Salary vs Donation in Australia over the past 20 years

This is a visualisation created using Plotly.

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This is a visualisation created using Plot.ly. The data was sourced from the Australian Taxation Office and it relates to two tax components/measures for individuals (non-businesses) published in 2011-12 year going back for ~20 years. In this visualisation, I wanted to clearly articulate how much more Australians have increased their spending with donation and gift giving relative to the growth experienced in their Salaries and Wages over this relatively long period of time.

Another hypothesis I raise here is about the Global Financial Crisis impact on donation levels in 2008 and 2009 when compared to earlier times. I am not too sure about its validity though simply because Salaries and Wages have not really seen a decline during the crisis. But it could also mean that donation and gift giving during periods of hardship are a lot more affected.

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