"Data Science is one of 21st century digital wonders. Felipe onboards you to the data science with ease and makes you comfortable to start applying data science from the first day. It was a great workshop."

Petras Janulevicius, VR design & development at Diesel Immersive

"I went to Felipe's intro to data analytics & data science workshop recently at Academy Xi. Felipe teaches with passion and uses plain language so that students can follow. I picked up useful data analytics skills throughout the 3 hours workshop."

Sandy Tsui, CPA - Business Partner - Data Analytics - Data Visualisation - Passionate to make an impact

"Intuitive, pleasant and hard-working are the three main words that come to my mind when I worked with Felipe at Acxiom. Felipe worked with us in a couple of projects to help build and deliver on a variety of marketing strategy insights and analytics using our big datasets as well as other sources of information. I remember being very impressed by his ability to not only build relationships, understand the key points and quickly deliver highly insightful analytical work but to also add a layer of advice that allowed our team to gain a lot more knowledge on what was and wasn't working well with our media, products, customers. I was very impressed by the speed and quality of his work! Felipe was always a pleasure to work with and everyone else also enjoyed working with him. Any organisation looking to gain deeper knowledge of their customer or products via high quality analytical output would greatly benefit from having Felipe's input."

Bo Hu, Manager at Deloitte Digital

"I had the pleasure of managing and working alongside Felipe at News Corp. The thought processes and analytics skills possessed by Felipe combined with his business acumen made him an invaluable member of the team. His can do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile, guiding and motivating his team took the reporting and analytics team forward tenfold at News! I look forward to working with Felipe again in the future."

Brian Sliman, Director - Campaign Operations & Strategy at Aimia Inc

"The art of storytelling is in allowing your audience to join the teller for the entire journey; to use language in such a way that meaning and movement are conveyed so the listener is part of the unfolding story. In any data-heavy business, it is rare to come come across a master of data storytelling who can convey what the data is saying, and not just what it is showing up in the numbers. In my work with Felipe he approached the problem we were trying to solve in a calm and collected manner, asking the right questions to understand what we wanted to know, which wasn't necessarily what we thought we needed. Even with an overflowing plate of work on his hands he was able to develop a framework and execute a connected 'live' platform that delivered the insights we needed. In addition he provided my team at News (and my Intent team) an overview of data visualization that gave us a core understanding of the 'why' of data storytelling. Felipe is a consummate professional in the data science space, a great team member and all around good guy. I highly recommend Felipe if you want someone who can grow and mold with the flow of your business and tell the right data story to anyone in your organization."

Aryeh Sternberg, Co-Founder | Intent Insider | Radio Talk Show Host, Beyond Intent

"Felipe brought in my team to stand up a novel, unprecedented financial reporting capability for the business in just over a month. Expectations were high with a lot of moving parts requiring a lot of faith and a lot of communication with diverse stakeholders across the country, and Felipe brought everyone along the journey. His ability to listen, lead, learn and explain were instrumental to the project's success. I highly recommend him to anyone considering such an effort and hoping for a similar result or better."

John Chew, Senior Consultant - Information, Integration & Analytics, RXP Services Limited

"Felipe is very efficient at delivering highly technical knowledge. His teaching and mentoring methods are very engaging while also challenging. Felipe's real-life example approach made the Data Analytics course even more valuable; and provided me with the confidence to incorporate advanced data analysis into my current job."

Jose Castell, Technical Product Specialist, Roche (Haematology & Urinalysis)

"Felipe was my instructor for one of General Assembly’s Data Analytics courses in 2016. He was a highly effective and engaging teacher who was genuinely interested in his students. He routinely added more to the course (industry insights, best practices, things books don’t tell you, etc), which was incredibly valuable and helpful. I especially appreciated how encouraging and responsive he was when students asked unique or challenging questions. That was a very important point for me because that kind of dialogue keeps me motivated for what’s next. Felipe is a wonderful instructor. I highly recommend him!"

Byron Allen, Data Analysis & Architecture Consultant, Servian

"Felipe is good at using R on several kinds of analytics. He could also explain the complexed things in an easier way. I read his blog posts and they are very helpful. Look forward to see lots of analytic posts there. Good Job."

Eric Yen, Big Data Consultant, Teradata

"Felipe is a dedicated hard-working individual always striving to better himself and produce work that is of the highest quality. He has mastered the use of R, Tableau and general data analysis. He has great insight into business management, and knows how to ask the right questions. He has created numerous Tableau Dashboards which provide excellent insight into Newscorp businesses. Felipe would be an asset to any technical data analysis team."

Feliks Krawczyk, Data Engineer and BI Developer, Atlassian

"Felipe was a great asset to the Merchandise and Buying teams. In a short period of time he was able to hit the ground running and generate great insights. He also knows a lot about the market and its trends. He developed great tools for tracking and reporting business and market performance and also built great relationship with the whole internal team and suppliers of research/insights services. I'd highly recommend him to any organization requiring a strategic manager that can get hands-on and help translate customer or business data / information into commercial opportunities"

Tim Gunn, General Manager Sourcing General Merchandise

"Felipe was my predecessor of my previous analytical role at DSE. I have never met him because he had already left DSE for Acxiom one month before I joined. However, I see him as a great mentor. I have learned more from reading through his old files than I would have ever done by myself. From creating business models to writing commentaries, from coding efficient SQLs to designing graphs and charts, I have grown so much in analytics and market research just via “stealing” from Felipe’s old works. Thank you very much, Felipe, I am absolutely grateful for the legacy you left to the company and to me."

Rachel Huang, Data Scientist

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