Data Science & Analytics Strategy

It’s no wonder that many organisations struggle to create a clear roadmap for their data science and analytics strategy. When you’re inundated with data and technologies it’s easy to end up overwhelmed. Using a robust, proprietary framework and methodology (DASAMA), Felipe helps organisations make sense of their current analytics capability and provides them with a simple framework to identify future growth opportunities. With his distinctive balance between technical knowledge and business experience, Felipe can build complex yet easy-to-understand analytical solutions, encased in a solid, clear and actionable commercial structure.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Solutions

Organisations are often uncertain about how to best tackle their biggest challenges using data science. It’s often the case that they simply don’t have the right internal skillset to develop the most effective solution. From simple predictive analytics models to complex algorithms, Felipe can help your team devise and implement a variety of machine learning solutions to solve those niggling or deep-seated problems. From marketers requiring a more robust segmentation model of their customers or a recommendation engine for their products, to sales and finance leaders wanting to improve their forecasting ability, Felipe helps organisations implement machine learning to optimise operations, anticipate the future and enhance decision making. Unlike many other analysts, Felipe brings both a commercial mindset and deep technical expertise together to provide easy to implement, yet highly effective analytics solutions.

Data Visualisation & Insights Automation

It’s no easy feat to make sense of vast amounts of data in a way that results in compelling and actionable storytelling. Unfortunately it’s still very common for organisations of all sizes to rely on old, inappropriate technologies to generate insights that are suboptimal at best. Using the latest techniques and platforms, Felipe helps organisations unclutter their data assets while providing them with scalable, automated, interactive and actionable data visualisation solutions. As a result, your organisation can enjoy greater transparency and seamless performance monitoring.

Analytical Training & Corporate Workshops

The optimal use of data is now a major competitive advantage in business. Because of this many organisations and individuals have identified the need to upskill some of their talent if they are going to harness this power effectively. Felipe partners with both educational institutions and corporate organisations to help disseminate practical, actionable and easy-to-understand data science, predictive analytics and data visualisation techniques to students and staff. After working with Felipe, organisations can benefit from a more engaged workforce and individuals feel more prepared to step up to their next challenge.

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