15 Oct 2017

The Works

Helping Australia’s Leading Creative Agency Win A Large Analytics Project In Less Than A Week

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Case Study | The Works

Helping Australia’s Leading Creative Agency Win A Large Analytics Project In Less Than A Week

The Project

Australia’s leading CX and creative agency, The Works, had an opportunity to pitch for a marketing mix and attribution model (MM&A) for one of the largest government business enterprises in Australia. Given the technical nature of the opportunity, The Works partnered with Felipe Rego, an expert in data science and analytics with strong commercial acumen, to build a commercially-oriented and technically realistic proposal.


Optimise Spend to Improve Marketing ROI

This client, a prominent government business enterprise, faced an incredible amount of public scrutiny and, as part of a larger marketing strategy, engaged The Works and Felipe Rego to help build a marketing analytics solution that:

  • Provided a clear view of the effectiveness of marketing spend across both offline and online channels and;
  • Optimised all marketing channels and activities spend to improve ROI.

It wanted the solution embedded in its internal systems and processes and built in collaboration with its internal marketing analytics team. The client also wanted business stakeholders to be able to easily access and interpret the final solution.


Aligning client’s business goals with a simple-to-understand solutions

Marketing mix and attribution models can be hard to implement and challenging to deliver. This client had a history of unsuccessfully trying to implement such projects in the past. For it to be successful, the pitch to the client had to:

  • Clearly state the known (and unknown) constraints and challenges in deploying such solution as not to over-promise and, later, under-deliver;
  • The analytical models proposed should prioritise simplicity and interpretability over ‘black-box’ approaches for it to be used and adopted by non-technical people;
  • The proposed solution should be built iteratively in short timeframes and in strong and frequent collaboration with the client/business stakeholders;

After a few iterations with the client, the winning proposal included a robust analytical methodology with clear commercial benefits aligned to the client’s overarching business strategy.


A collaborative approach that paid off

In roughly a week of direct and dedicated effort, Felipe Rego helped The Works build, pitch and win a large Marketing Mix and Attribution Model (MM&A) project for one of the largest government business enterprises in Australia.

"Felipe was recommended to us as an experienced analytics expert who, in partnership, communicated technical terms in an easy-to-understand, business-friendly language. This was part of our recipe for success for winning the project. Felipe brought an impressive knowledge and wealth of experience which both impressed us and the client. He supported many conversations with the client during the process which helped to confirm why we were the team to deliver. Not only was the knowledge there but Felipe was hands on in translating the concept and in building the prototypes with us. He was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him and his expertise to anyone needing an analytics expert."- Tracy Voong, Data Planning & Strategy Director, The Works

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